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Anyone that owns significant real estate assets understands that you cannot just leave these properties alone without constantly and consistently watching over them and maintaining them, keeping them in tip-top shape all the time. We see property owners purchase properties without having a good grasp on the maintenance and it is often times this maintenance that accumulates so much so that owners lose control. When you want to sell or need to sell your waterfront property on Lake LBJ the cost of getting it ready, because it has not been properly maintained, can be overwhelming. Also, maintenance and repairs that go unnoticed or ignored get more expensive as time goes on.

The Carvajal Group offers owner’s, like yourself, an easy solution to help them properly maintain their waterfront homes on Lake LBJ so that these assets are always liquid but more importantly ready for your use. Being out of town and having to rely on vendors can be very stressful to say the least. We notice that many of these vendors take advantage of property owners with big homes and charge way above market value just because of the size or location of the home. More importantly simple projects get dragged out creating headache and risk.

When you hire our team you get a hands on approach, where we are consistently visiting your Lake LBJ real estate, watching over vendors and contractors to ensure work is completed timely and for a fair price, making recommendations for upkeep and preventative maintenance and ensuring you always come home to a well maintained lake house on LBJ. We keep our portfolio at a manageable size so that we are able to provide great service to our clients and spend the time needed to properly manage their asset (s).

If you see value in having a experienced and reliable resource to help you with your property on Lake LBJ gives me a call at (512) 786-1515. I would love the opportunity to provide you with a FREE, no-obligation Lake LBJ property management proposal. I look forward to hearing from you!